Primary Literacy Programme

Reading for Primary 1-3

This programme, developed by the Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Section of the Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau (EDB), aims at facilitating the professional development of the English teachers and the improvement of the literacy levels of the students. Reading is the main focus of the programme and we aim to develop students’ comprehension skills and phonological knowledge through various activities and learning stations.​

NET Scheme

All P.1-3 classes have NET lessons. Students are exposed to an authentic English environment and also innovative teaching practices, planned and taught by both the NET and the local English teachers. In addition to mainstream classes, NET teachers are involved in many extra-curricular activities, such as ‘Fun Recess’, ‘Drama Club’, ‘Elite Class Training’ and other trainings. These activities are all aimed at providing an English-rich environment in school and arousing students’ interest in learning and using English. All students are encouraged to interact with our NET teachers in English.

Mr.Don, our EDB NET teacher

In the elite class, students develop their writing skills through pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing.

Reading across the Curriculum RaC Programme for Primary 4 – 6

In order to keep abreast with the latest updates in the Primary School English Language Curriculum, i.e. to enrich the curriculum with STEM and eLearning elements.

Two readers are incorporated into the P4, P5 and P6 curriculum throughout the whole school year. Science experiments and eLearning materials, which include multi-modal texts, will arouse students’ motivation and interests in learning and further develop their knowledge and skills in English.

In P.4, students study the life cycle of plants and conduct experiments.

In P.5, students study about the festivals in different countries and celebrate our school festival ‘Gala at Farm Road’.

In P.6, students learn the different states of matter. They make balloon cars and measure how far it can go when changing the size of the balloon.

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Parents' Guide to Effective English Language Learning

P1 PLPRW Making Chocolate Cake

P2 PLPRW Making Porridge

English Drama Club

P1 STREAM Activity – Paper Cup Robot

P2 STREAM Activity – Green Festival

P3 STREAM Activity – Fruit-based cleaner

P3 KGV Buddy Reading Programme

P6 RaC Programme (Air-balloon car)

P5 RaC Programme (Gala at Farm Road)

P4 RaC programme (Life Cycle of a plant)

English Fun Days

Calligraphy Competition

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